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Okanagan Lake

Our family lives in one of the most beautiful areas in the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. We live in "Lake Country" or as it was previously known as "Winfield." We are surrounded by the most beautiful lakes, Wood, Kalamalka and Okanagan...home of the renowned Ogopogo! It is a beautiful agricultural community, vineyards, wineries and multiple orchards surround us as well. It is a perfect place for the Berner to play!

Laura Conzatti and Dante

My husband Robert & I have lived here since 1981 and we are both very proud to have worked in the Health Care field & raised two wonderful children. They are grown adults, have spread their wings and finding their own way now. It is now time for me to fulfill my dream to show and raise puppies. We chose the Bernese Mountain Dog, because of his faithfulness, versatility, devotion & dedication of this breed. I was first introduced to the Bernese Mountain Dog when my brother bought a puppy, "Buddy". Buddy lives in Quebec with my brother and is now 11 years old and going strong. As a family, growing up, I always had dogs, LARGE dogs! It only seemed fitting that my choice would be the Bernese Mountain Dog to fulfill this dream.

A huge Thank you to Stokerybos Kennel and Codeli Girls Kennel for their mentorship and support.